Given that only a handful of hardy scientists live south of the Antarctic Circle, the more populated and accessible North provides the greatest opportunity to witness the Midnight Sun and Polar Night.


Visitors and locals take advantage of the extra sunlight hours to enjoy hiking stunning mountainous trails and kayaking in the pristine fjords.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, there’s something extra special about experiencing the Norwegian coast beneath a sun that never sets.

Test your knowledge about the The Midnight Sun

True or False: During the Summer Solstice, the sun doesn't dip below the horizon at all for 24 hours.

How long can the Midnight Sun last for per year?

How many degrees is the Earth’s axis tilted?

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The Global Seed Vault

In the remote High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, 1,300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, seeds from around the world lie dormant, safe, and secure in a biological Noah’s ark. 

Galapagos: An evolving story

Around five million years ago, a series of violent volcanic events began in the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles from the coast of South America.

Galapagos: A special bond

You might know the Galápagos are volcanic, but how exactly did they form and why did life come to flourish here?

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