Another fine example is the Nærøyfjord, one of the world’s narrowest fjords. In 2004, it was titled “the world’s top unspoiled travel destination” by National Geographic, and it’s even inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

There are so many more fjords worthy of mention, enough to fill several books. Hjørundford surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps is a hidden gem, while Hardangerfjord is particularly attractive in spring when it’s fringed by apple orchards in full blossom. Even the tiniest of fjords like Trollfjord among the picturesque Lofoten Islands, are special and unique.


This unique wonderland of water has fuelled Norwegians’ love of exploration and the outdoors for centuries, even coining the unique word and concept of friluftsliv, which broadly means the “outdoor life”.

While travelling with us you are guaranteed to see some of Norway’s most fantastic fjords, inspiring you to experience friluftsliv for yourself.

Test your knowledge about the The famous Norwegian fjords

How are the Norwegian fjords actually formed?

Which unique Norwegian word was coined to broadly mean "outdoor life"?

Sognefjorden is one of the deepest fjords on the entire planet, but how deep is it?

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