On our Antarctic expeditions you’ll be able to study this unique ecosystem first-hand and contribute to science at the same time by collecting data.
This information is key to better understanding this vital environment and being able to protect it.

Test your knowledge about the The Hidden Wildlife of Antarctica

How much Krill can a Blue Whale consume in one day?

What percentage of the Earth's oxygen is provided by Phytoplankton?

Krill can potentially grow up to what size?

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Experience The Midnight Sun

Imagine that the sun never set, that night never came, and the days were endless. This is actually a real phenomenon, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see it for yourself

The Global Seed Vault

In the remote High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, 1,300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, seeds from around the world lie dormant, safe, and secure in a biological Noah’s ark. 

Galapagos: An evolving story

Around five million years ago, a series of violent volcanic events began in the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles from the coast of South America.

Galapagos: A special bond

You might know the Galápagos are volcanic, but how exactly did they form and why did life come to flourish here?

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